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KEEP IN MIND, that things here are pretty much OLD, "newest" things is from 2004?
Most of "STUFF" has been placed in /university directory.
Things placed here are rather old and are kept here from some historic reasons.
Prog Desc Size. Sys Link
GPstoreview v. 1.0 GPstoreview - GiM'z GPLed Pstoreview. This is successor of Mitra and it is under GPL Licence Win GPstoreview
Mitra v. 1.0 Mitra - program using pstorec for retriving Microsoft Outlook Express' passwords Win Mitra
Lines v. 1.90a The Newest version of Lines - simple logical game Win Lines
Winamp Remote Control v. 0.1 This is simple and small utility that allows remote control of winamp over TCP connection. Currently it supports following commands: run, prev, play, pause, stop, next, quit ;). It uses port 12345. Source code included. 14kb Win
Anubis Front End v. 1.2 [C/C++] Front-End for anubis program. Right now it is totally useless, cause on internet there is no version of anubis that'd work with AFE. You should read Anubis FrontEnd Readme file first. 50kb Win AnuFE-1.2
gimchksum v. 2.01 [beta] [WinAsm] Assembler implementation of algorithms generating checksums: CRC, MD2, MD4, MD5, RipeMD-160. Library included. 11kb Win
gimchksum v. 1.0 [beta] [Asm] Assembler implementation of algorithms generating following checksums: CRC, MD2, MD4, MD5, RipeMD-160 13kb Win
Logika v. 1.1 [beta] [C] This is a simple program for solving logical sentences. This version fix some bugs. 41kb Win
Conwerter v. 1.4 [asm-dos] This is simple Converter of text file written in assembler. It supports following encoding standards: ISO [iso-8859-2], WIN [cp1250], DOS, MAZOVIA, PLAIN + bugfixes. 4kb Win
Goder v. 1.2[asm] This is simple file encoder written in Assembler, using Win32 API 3kb Win
Eject 1.1 [asm] Eject - quite useless program written in Win32 Assembler for opening / closing CD tray 4kb Win
ToY 2.0 [asm] Toy - well, in fact this is not a toy... use at your own risk, Read readmefile first. I don't think if this programm will work on Win != 98.. so it's quite useless, but It was fun writing it :) 2kb Win