GPstoreview v. 1.0

[GiM'z GPLed Pstoreview]

by Michal 'GiM' Spadlinski

23. IX. 2oo4

0. GPstoreview

More than year ago I've written program named Mitra [see]. Mitra was a library and an example program of how to use it. It was used to retrive Outlook Express passwords using PstoreCreateInstance() and Pstore interface.

It was quite cool programming experience, but not very useful though ;)

Now, year later, I'm publishing GPstoreview under the GPL licence. No Mitra Library stuff, all code needed for retriving passwords is included.

I'm not including pstore.h, you should have it.

1. Thanks and Greetz

Marlena- :*
Deely- as always :-)
Grzegorz Niemirowski- without his opinion about Mitra, GPstoreview probably wouldn't exist :-)
My friends: Hessus, bratNie, Marta, MichalP, WW, friends and people from !apcoh, !ekg2 on IRCNet, friends from UMK in Torun.

2. About me

Everything about me you'll find in My Little Home: .

wishlist: I have birthday tomorrow, so if you think GPstoreview is useful tool, You can send me LCD monitor or notebook ;-)

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4. Trademarks

Microsoft, Outlook Express, Outlook are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corp.

5. Download

GPstoreview v. 1.0 [C version]

And remember kids:
"real Jedi Knights never give up!"

Michal 'GiM' Spadlinski

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